Welcome to MobileDent
Welcome to MobileDent
Quality Dental Hygiene care, that comes right to you. Sounds like a dream, but it’s real and it’s convenient!
MobileDent is a mobile dental hygiene service, delivering quality dental hygiene treatment right to you!
MobileDent provides a wide range of services to fit your needs
Dental Cleaning (Scaling/Debridement)
Hand Scaling/Debridement
Visual Oral Cancer Screening
Tooth whitening
and much much more
How it Works
Upon booking an appointment, a medical and dental history is reviewed by the Dental Hygienist.
  All equipment is brought, by the Dental Hygienist, right to you. The equipment is fully portable, which includes; a patient chair, etc,
  Coverage dependes on each individual plan. We accept Debit, Cash, Visa and Mastercard. Ask about seniors and student discounts.
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Information on Dental hygiene care for All ages:
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  Tooth Whitening
Teeth whitening is the process of lightening discolourations of emamel and dentin.
  Contact Us
For more information, or to book an appointment, please call, email or fill out a request below and you will be contacted shortly.

Tel#: 905-216-4034
Email: brightsmile2u@excite.com

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