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Upon booking an appointment, a medical and dental history is reviewed by the Dental Hygienist. This is a very important first step. At the appointment, an assessment of the oral condition is completed and reviewed with the client, with referral to additional healthcare professionals where appropriate. It is very important for the client to understand what their oral condition is in order to make good decisions about their oral health. Together the Dental Hygienist and the client come to an agreement on treatment. The treatment is conducted with care, in the comfort and convenience of your own setting.

All equipment is brought, by the Dental Hygienist, right to you. The equipment is fully portable, and includes; a patient chair, operator chair, a small compressor unit with suction, hand scalers and ultrasonic scalers. Instruments are sterilized, disinfected, and disposed of using the standard high level infection control procedures.

If you have insurance, forms are filled out and sent by the Dental Hygienist. Reimbursement usually takes about a week. Coverage dependes on each individual plan. We accept Debit, Cash, Visa and Mastercard. Ask about seniors and student discounts.




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